Evildouer Pictue Puzzle




Class 2A, Minor Puppy Bitches

 1. Villano’s Evildoeur’s Picture Puzzle (Evildoeur Chcargo Bootleg ex Ellbrea Tickled Pink) A beautifully                 

made white puppy with brindle ear and eye patches. She has a gorgeous classic profile, good fill, and

lovely length of foreface. Her bite has one incisor reversed. She has a nice tiny eye and a good ear set,

giving her a beautiful expression. Her body lines are smooth and they flow from front to finish. In the front

assembly, she has a beautiful reachy neck, good depth of chest, good forechest, a straight front and very

good bone for her size. Little longer cast than the Ormandy Box winner, but she has a level topline, good

tuck up and beautiful rear angulation. She moved right out, very nicely made. She could use a touch more

underjaw and a little better tail set. This little bitch is just breathtaking! I was very pleased to award the Souperlative Box to her.


Duncan McAllister Critique
9 in the class

Class 2a Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Mr Villano’s – Evildouer Picture Puzzle
Quality white with black brindle ears and eye patch. Excellent head with good profile,
good mouth. Great conformation and bone. Another bitch that should make it to the top.

Geoff Skellton Critque
9 in the class

Class 9 Minor Puppy Bitch
1 St Mr P Villano’s Evildouer Picture Puzzle
W/Bitch with a lovely well filled head nice profile, she has good ear set and a lovely eye
giving her a great expression and with the patches its very eye catching, her mouth is ok
just has a canine that’s a little tight, strong neck which leads into a straight front, good
depth through the chest and she is well bodied and good bone, her back is little long, she
has a well angled rear, moved well and holds her top line on the move excellent body lines
pushed hard for best bitch.

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