Evildouer Tour Ov Duty @ 10 Months old


    (S) (S)Tiponya Mr. Peabody
    Shirvin Slice of Heaven (ROM) (D)Shirvin Isabella
  (S) (D) (S)Bullamakanka  Butter Bean
  Delphinus Daddy Cool (ROM) Villrino Killer Queen (D)Villrino  Angel Face
Jacamar Dream Time (Rom)   (S) (S)Bullpatchy Mackenzie (ROM)
  (D) Bullroy Bolt Cutter (ROM) (D)Bullroy Mustang Magic
  Jacamar Miss Jackson (ROM) (D) (S)Boromir Quicksilver (ROM) (Imp NZ)
    Jacamar Sea Witch (D)Trahern Faerie Princess
    (S) (S)Boromir Quicksilver (ROM) (Imp NZ)
  (S) Brasshead Hot Buttered (D)Boromir Ozone Baby (Imp NZ)
  Evildouer Chcargobootleg (D) (S)Shirvin Hustlers Dream (ROM)
(D)   Evildouer Husltlers Hussy (D)Evildouer Twin Peaks
Evildouer Bossy Boots      
  (D) (S) (S)Shirvin Ace o Base
  Elbrea Tickled Pink Bullpatchy Mackenzie (ROM) (D)Bullpatchy Chevelle
    (D) (S)Shirvin Andy Capp
    Elbrea Liberty Rose (D)Shirvin Charlotte




Bull Terrier Club of Victoria
19th Bi Annual National Trophy
Judge:Joanne Philips(UK)

Minor Puppy Dog : Preferred the minor puppy dog class to the puppy dog class
1st Villano's Evildouer Tour Ov Duty. Really liked this puppy and if he had another 6 months on him, he would have been my under 18 month winner. Super white dog puppy. Really well made throughout, balanced and very tidy. Lovely head filled and turned with a good mouth. Lovely reach of neck and ultra short back with excellent angulation. Good mover. Hard to fault. Should have an extremely bright future


Championship Show
02 May 2015
Judge: Naomi Waynee (USA)

Evildouer Tour Ov Duty
Jacamar Dream Time x Evildouer Bossy Boots

Large white with brindle head markings. He has a gently curved profile and he has good fill. Good expression and ear set. Nice reach of neck that flows into correct topline and tail set. Squarely made. Better front angulation and good rear angulation. Well-let-down hocks.


Sire: Jacamar Dream Time Rom
Dam: Evildouer Bossy Boots



Contact Details
Lorna Elphick
Adelaide, SA, Australia
Phone : 0431812319
Email : [email protected]

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